Hey y’all, I am rewriting and adding to the content on my site.
Please bear with me as I reword, reconstruct, dismantle, tear apart, and generally wreak havoc—all for the greater good. 😀

Graphic Design and Beyond

Most WordPress themes are great. The problem is your site is going to look like hundreds (thousands?) of other websites using that same theme.

UNLESS you have someone with the expertise to CUSTOMIZE it and make it UNIQUE. I can help give your WordPress design purpose and direction!

I can help you bring your vision to life with design improvements, such as developing and to adding custom graphics and more.

If you need help with WordPress installation and/or customized design touches I’m here to lend a highly skilled hand.

Other graphic elements: Facebook ads, Product ads, Service ads, memes, landing/squeeze pages that sell, …

I want YOUR website to be functional, easy to navigate, and look amazing! I want your digital media (eBooks, etc.) to be accurate, professional, and beautiful. I want to help YOU +increase+ your productivity and -decrease- your stress! Please contact me today and let’s see what I can do to HELP.

Technical Difficulties and WordPress Security

Ever have a moment when your heart almost stops because you have a major problem with your WordPress site? Don’t panic! Here are a few examples that I can help you with…

  • You can’t login to your WordPress site because you forgot your username or password?

  • You would like regular maintenance help: Updating plugins, themes, WordPress upgrades, backing up your data, etc. I’d advise to have this done at a minimum of twice a month. Backups more often.

  • You installed a theme and now there are ads showing up on web searches of your site. Or you can see ads in areas of your site that you didn’t put there. Ads for  viagra (!) or other embarrassing or troubling things you sure don’t want associated with your business!

  • You’re receiving too many spam comments?

  • Your site’s security isn’t up to par? If you’re asking yourself “What site security?” you need help.